seng chong

Sengchong is the most famous and no 1, 19 years old, 6inch tall, designer in his street.This week sengchong.wordpress caught up with sengchong and finds out what make him ticks.

Who are you?
I am just a guy living in Singapore. I am actually a boring guy.

What do you do?
I am currently doing print and web designs. I love designs.I won’t say I am the best but good designs, art, and illustration just attracts me.

Where did you get your inspiration from?
Hmmm. (thinking for a minute before answering) I will say music, books, magazine, places, web, people, films. Basically from things that will allow me to start imagine things again. Dreaming is the key. Thinking of the impossible makes me feel excited.

So what do you do in your free time?
Movies, starbuck, music, games, books, TV. Basically what a normal teenager will do.

Are you taken?
Nah. I just broke up with my gf of three and a half years not long ago.

Sorry to heard that. Any plans of getting attach soon?
Not really. I am not so desperate. Furthermore I still haven’t really got over her. I think it will be rather unfair for my new gf if I get in so soon. Meanwhile I guess I should really enjoy the freedom of being single and concentrating on becoming the 5th billionaire in Singapore.

Do you make it a point to collect visuals?
Yeah. My room has tons of books, magazines, and post cards.

What equipments do you use?
My pc with 19inc monitor, my lousy camera, pen, pencil and paper.

If given that you have a chance to own anything in the world what will you be getting?
Well, I guess a house with a studio designed by myself. A balcony that sees the entire city. A 51 inch LCD monitor. A powerbook. Tons and tons of magazine and cds. SlR camera. And a sports car.

So What are your plans for next year?
Probably set up my own company doing projects related to designs. Labels, websites, prints, Magazine, etc. Get a car licenses maybe.

If given $1million what will you do?
Probably spend ½ million travelling and the next starting up a business.

Where do you want to go?
Big cities, small towns. Anywhere! Maybe other than tekong.


Holiday I Need


Almost one month at work. Not the most exciting job, been drained. Mainly due to the large amount of unexpected changes in my life. Work, People, Cg.


I want holiday.