How design came into my life.

This is an extreme long article. Sit down and relex.

I never like art when I was in primary and secondary school. I dread going to art classes so much that during secondary 2, I work very hard to ensure I get into the science stream, so that I will not need to take art again for the rest of my education.

Come to think of it, I realise that the Singapore education systems trains one to hate art. When we are in kindergarten, most are enjoy art. Art is the most fun part of school.

Then we enter primary school, teachers (especially those who teaches many subjects) will tend to sacrifice art lesson for the more mainstream subjects so that students will be able to do well.

Then by secondary school, Most of us have already lost interest in the subject and to make things worse art is offend associate as a loser subject. People who take art are classified as loser. (Maybe that’s one of the reason I chose to go science stream).

So how design and art came to my life again?

When I was in upper sec I love maths so much that I even consider being a mathematician. You can see that art was never an option for me at that time. Until the day where I took back my O level result. I flunk it. I was aiming to go to a JC, so that I can get in to a university. I don’t know what I want in life so I thought maybe JC can give me another 2 years to really think about what I wanted to do in life. But I didn’t do well to get in.

I was force into a situation to consider, in just less than a month, what I really what to do in future. My result was only good enough get in some of the course that the polytechnics offer. That really cut down a lot of choices.

Then I began to poke around asking people where they are planning to go. One of them mentions a particular media course in Singapore Polytechnic. Immediately I get excited. I didn’t know such courses exist. I love internet. I love Tv. I love movie. I love games. This is the right course for me I said to myself. So I applied for it. I mange to get in with a L1R4 of 19, with 2 points deducted because of excel in my CCA. The cut of point of that year was 17.My friend who was also interested with that particular course didn’t mange to get in with 18 points.

At that point I still didn’t know much of design. Until I attended this particular module can teaches us how to design. I was amaze! It really changes my world.

Also with the dedicated teaching of my lecturer, Mr Leon, I really fall in love with design. And since then I never look back from where I started.


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