perception of something cool

I know I am writing more and more intellectual, more and more serious. This may frighten some of you off here. But who cares. Okie la! I care la.

Anyway today I will be discussing about the topics of, motivation due to your perception of something cool. Ever thought of doing something because someone has did it before in such a cool manner. Well I did. Not once but lots of times.

Nothing wrong with that.

But the problem is, well in my case, once I reach the position that I thought is cool, I find it no longer cool anymore. Which lead me giving up easily.

Usually only the good and spectacular side is being reveal; the dirty work is being conceal. Let me give you an illustration, imaging, I said imaging; One day,you went to the circle and saw the lion tamer. And you thought to yourself, wow that’s the coolest thing I ever seen, I want to be a lion tamer! But what you didn’t know is how many times the lion tamer was bitten by the lion, how many times he had been to the hospital. I know this is a pretty lame illustration.

My point is if you saw or see something real cool and decide to do it, please look at the dirty work in it and ask yourself whether are you prepare to do it before you actually do it. Or you may end up like quitting and be a loser.


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