FAT liao la

Oh no… I am running out of ideas what to blog. Not that I don’t have a life instead I have too many life liao. Before I got the chance to blog about what have significant events that happen in my life, I forgot most of the stuffs or I am too lazy too blog it out.

Many people have comment that I am getting fatter.

I am stun.

Some of reason I conclude why I have gain weight.

1.9-5 office job. (Seat at the office, facing the computer the whole day, how fats can be burn like that!)

2. Being Single ( More money to spend on myself. =D )

3. Stress and a bit of depression ( Food is my best medicine! )

4. Festive Season

But seriously I don’t think I grown fat although my weight doesn’t agree with me.


Merry Christmas!

What beat waking up early enough to eat breakfast at the nearby coffee shop, coming back reading blogs and listening to jazz at the same time and yet still have time to write all this.

Merry Christmas!

Very sorry for this very late greeting.

Anyway, this year Christmas was very special to me. The fact that I didn’t celebrate with her for the first time in 4 years, make me in loss what should I do for that very special day.

Not wanting to loiter around orchard road, beating thousands of people armed with aerosol spray.

In the end I celebrate it with my dear neighbor hui ling at our house park, with a bit of wine and chat. No lonely Christmas after all.


Here I am, seating at one of my school computer lab, rushing out some article that is due tomorrow.

Change is really the only thing that’s constant.

I still remember seating in this particular lab when I was in year one.

Then the computers here take ages to load. Hard drive was so limited, that they need to use an external hard disk which had the size of a mini CPU.

Flash took so long to launch. We used to joke that it’s coffee break, when we launch flash.

Now everything looks different.

Powerful and beautiful computer filled the whole school. There are probably more than 100 Macintosh. Various studios are being build and more to come.

In less than 2 months, I will be out of school. I wondered will I miss this place, perhaps in near future.

I remember how glad I was when i was entering the last year of my secondary school education. I felt like a bird trap in a cage.

Finally I was out of the cage and the real world struck me.

The transition was difficult; still I managed to overcome it.

From experience, I will need to do some post school preparation before I actually leave school, or else life will be as hard.

I will say money is still the main culprit.

Happy birthday

It really encouraging to see my blog hit going sky high yesterday. Yes, yesterday was my birthday. So I guess you guys came in expect to see some events that happen yesterday.

I don’t know why but people have been coming up to me on Saturday wishing me happy birthday when my birthday day was on Monday. Wonder how they got the idea that my I was born 2 days earlier.

I thought of meeting some of the guys out for dinner yesterday but found out my wallet run out of cash. Apparently my pay was delay for 2 months and I have been eating myself for the past 2 months.

So instead I went out with my family for some curry fish head dinner.

Do you still miss her? Someone ask me. I won’t deny that but I came to a point where I can’t turn back. I saw something in my imagination that describes my feelings and situation.

I was hanging on a certain part of this humongous mountain; It look like mount everst.I don’t know how long more I needed to climb for the clouds were covering the peak.

I looked down and the temptation to give up struck me. I am tired, tired of climbing this humongous mountain.

“You can’t give up just like that” I told myself. I know in my mind that if I do I will surely die. Well after I am already pretty high above the ground.

I continue to climb up the mountain. Huff and puff. Huff and puff. Carrying along my oxygen tank and stuffs. Before I knew it I was above the clouds and I saw the peak. I was filled with joy knowing that I was so close to the peak.


If you read in between the line, you will roughly get what I am trying to say la.

Thanks for the gifts guys!


Really appreciate it.

Can’t wait for Christmas to come. WHaha