Here I am, seating at one of my school computer lab, rushing out some article that is due tomorrow.

Change is really the only thing that’s constant.

I still remember seating in this particular lab when I was in year one.

Then the computers here take ages to load. Hard drive was so limited, that they need to use an external hard disk which had the size of a mini CPU.

Flash took so long to launch. We used to joke that it’s coffee break, when we launch flash.

Now everything looks different.

Powerful and beautiful computer filled the whole school. There are probably more than 100 Macintosh. Various studios are being build and more to come.

In less than 2 months, I will be out of school. I wondered will I miss this place, perhaps in near future.

I remember how glad I was when i was entering the last year of my secondary school education. I felt like a bird trap in a cage.

Finally I was out of the cage and the real world struck me.

The transition was difficult; still I managed to overcome it.

From experience, I will need to do some post school preparation before I actually leave school, or else life will be as hard.

I will say money is still the main culprit.


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