Real from FIR is my guitar inspiration!

Check him out!

Going to make Use of 2 years in NS to Improve my guitar skill! Hopefullly able to start perform in my Uni days. Yeah


Check this out! Les Paul Classic Custom! The Les Paul Classic Custom draws on the legendary Black Beauty Les Pauls of the past!I want to get this after myNS!


Or maybe a Fender Stratocaster® !Yeah!


Update of my life.

Hey guys, my computer is down for the past 1 week. Try to get it fix. Hopefully it will be up by end of this week. Accidentally delete a large amount of files while fixing my computer. Careless on my part.  

Yup! I just myself a temp job. Looking forward to National Service. Heard from some of my friends their experience inside. Since I need to go in anyway, might as well do my best inside. Hopefully I am able to get in OCS.

Went medical Checkup. Get myself a pesc b due to G6PD deficiency. Not bad at least I am able to most vocation. Now left with my NAFA test. Aiming for sliver at least.