Monthly Archives: August 2008

I’m not sure since when i found it harder to express my thoughts and feeling to people. I will always have huge amount of thoughts and feeling that i wanted to express but not able to.Could it beĀ  the fear of being look down? The expose of my insecurity in me. Yes, i admit that there are countless of things i do not want people to know about me, i guess that’s pretty much the same for everyone. Not able to open up myself could have been the cause.

Been in my unit for almost 3 months.There are good times and bad times, but what irk me in this new unit is we are treated as second class. The identity of the unit is weak.I guess the OC has not been building up the identity of this new unit. We should have a common identity that we should be proud of and at the end of the day, we can be proud of what we did.

There’s been endless thoughts in my mind and i guess this can be one of the ways i speak up for myself.

Anyway pardon for the bad English.