After dating for almost 5 years minus the half a year that we were separated, I began to grow disillusion in our relationship. Your actions and your plans clearly show me that your passions towards me die. Communication seems to breakdown. I can’t help but to felt awkward and formal whenever we were together.

What happen to the good old days when we are not just lovers but the best of friends? The openness we had. Talking almost about everything under the sun.

Whenever I wanted to straighten out the issue you just pull it off saying you are not in a mood to talks about.

I still felt the hurt from the betray but I willingly to put that aside and start a fresh. I wanted to face the issue yet you don’t.

Sometimes I just felt that I used by you. Massaging me only when you need my help. I don’t mind not being your priority but I can’t help but to think that I’m never in your priority.

I once dream of marrying you but now I’m only too afraid to lose you.

Whatever it is, I just do my part hoping that things will change for the better in future.

Anyway. My 21st birthday is coming up. All I want for birthday is