Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

Highlight of my life in 2008.

Jan-April 2008

Trainee in Amour Training Institute


ROC was definitely the highlight of the training

p4120008-smallIt’s the first time i went oversea with my friends.Touring around Taipei City is once in a life time experience after the tough training.


After Passing out as a 3 Sergeant i went on to this rather special newly setup unit where i experience all type of stuff that i thought i could ever in just a short period of 7 months. But looking back it’s teaching me lots of things that i could never learn as fast as i could in the army.

Ex Wallaby
My second trip oversea with the army. We went to rockhampton to train. Unlike Roc It’s training and living condition is much tougher but i made it.




Just last week i went to HK + Macau for holiday.


It’s always my dream to travel around various cities in the world.This Year alone i went 4 places that i never been before. Thanks God and my mum not forgetting the army for the chance.

I would say this is a rather good year for me, i felt i have grow into a more mature person.But regrets not because i tried and fail but regrets because of fear that i didn’t attempt some thing which i always wanted.

I just hope next year i can have regrets because of what i have tried but fail and not because of not attempting somethings which i always wanted.


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