Psychology of Consumer

Just came back from a bazaar sales. A lot of thoughts came to me when I’m behind the booth selling my items. What actually attract people to buy something?

Our perception  of values is very different. What may seems to be valuable to you may not be to me and vise-versa. In my opinion, when we get something,its either we need it or we think there’s value in it.

We need things like water ,food, clothes and etc… for survival. Without it we will die.But things like Ipod, branded goods,cars,etc….We don’t need it.Since we don’t need it why is there a need to get it? We get it because we see value in it. The value can be impose to us by companies,by advertising,by peer pressure, by culture.

In order to sell something, we must study into; how can be add values in our product? How can we market our product so that people will see values in it?

Branded goods like Prada, Gucci, sells like hot cakes even thought it cost you, your whole month of salary. Yet people still willingly to buy.Why is that so? What is the different between a Prada bag and a normal bag that cost less than a hundred buck? The materials are not going to make such a big difference.  The workmanship also won’t make such a big difference. The only obvious reason I can think of it’s exclusiveness. By making the bag a bit better and make up the price 10 times,only the richer group can afford it. When you are rich,you probably want to show the whole world you are. You probably want to get what others couldn’t afford.



No, I’m not going to England.I’ve been a regular reader of Blinkymummy.If you didn’t know who is she. She’s  a MBA student studying in Cambridge. She blogged about her life in Cambridge.I’m captivated by the posts.How I wish I can study in Cambridge too. For now it’s impossible but  in future years who knows I might.

Sam my good friend from polytechnic had already received his accepted from NTU, I wonder  when will mine be coming. This is getting me paranoid and nervous. I hate this feeling.

Irony of life

Just book out.It’s a busy week but being busy is actually not a bad thing.First it shows that you’re actually relevant. People want you.People need you.It’s good to be needed, but at times we usually grumble or complain when we are given work to do.I think no matter how insignificant the job is,if you take it with a good attitude you can actually learn  lot of things from it.

I’m going to ORD in 2 months time.The University still has yet to reply me whether I’m being accepted.It’s making me paranoid. There’s nothing i can do anyway.Worse case, I’ll just find a job and learn my trade on the job.


I’m humbled. I was talking to Jeremy and some of his friends just now after Easter service and I’m really impress at the way they talk and their achievement. Not that achievement is everything but intellectually I managed to connect with them. I found passion in them from the way they talked.

I’m going to do something with my life that will bring me to the next level. No, don’t be wronged about me, I appreciate the things that I have in my life now but I’m not satisfied. I want to be better.

I want to be a billionaire.

I want to be an inspiration and a testimony to Jesus Christ.

In order to be a billionaire and an inspiration, I need to….

1.Improve on my appearance.

-The way I dress.

-My body shape.

-The way I talk.

-My body language.

2.Improve on my thinking.

-Read up more.

-Know more about myself.

-Talk to people of higher level.

3.Change my social circle.

-Hang out with people of higher level.

-Find a mentor.