I’m humbled. I was talking to Jeremy and some of his friends just now after Easter service and I’m really impress at the way they talk and their achievement. Not that achievement is everything but intellectually I managed to connect with them. I found passion in them from the way they talked.

I’m going to do something with my life that will bring me to the next level. No, don’t be wronged about me, I appreciate the things that I have in my life now but I’m not satisfied. I want to be better.

I want to be a billionaire.

I want to be an inspiration and a testimony to Jesus Christ.

In order to be a billionaire and an inspiration, I need to….

1.Improve on my appearance.

-The way I dress.

-My body shape.

-The way I talk.

-My body language.

2.Improve on my thinking.

-Read up more.

-Know more about myself.

-Talk to people of higher level.

3.Change my social circle.

-Hang out with people of higher level.

-Find a mentor.


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