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A new dawn.

I was packing up my room just now for my new bed.My mum brought me a new bed as I’m going to stay at home more often after I ORD. Anyway my room was in a big mess after I brought back my stuff from camp. I didn’t know where to put them.

While packing up my stuff, I found my secondary school newsletter. She was in the school newsletter. She looked beautifully, no wonder I was deeply mesmerise by her. I am still mesmerise by her. But one will never forget the first time you met, how she blew your heart away. The chemistry is your body send signal to you mind that  you got to have her. She was the last person I ever felt this way. 6 years have already past. I’m starting to wonder will she be the only one? That’s not important anymore, at least for now. I got a dream and if I don’t pursue now, I never will.

She sums up my secondary school life. Dream and direction sums up Polytechnic school life.  Confident sums up my army life.

For friends or people that’s going to army soon. My advise to them is take it with a positive spirit. Army is probably the best place to train your leadership skill. No place other than the army will give as much faith and chance to a 19 year old boy.

Many times, I was put into situation  where I’m was afraid of doing somethings but it things got to be done anyway. When I looked at my  left and right, My friends were able to do it. I asked myself, why can’t I? When I looked back,I saw my superior. I got no choice, I got to do it unless I die . Many times I got no choice but to take a step of faith and do it. Then I found out, hey it wasn’t that bad after all. With this spirit I become a over-comer, when given a situation I was afraid, I remembered; the countless times I was afraid yet I step forward and pull throught, why not this time.

Readers!There are!

There are actually people  reading my blog! I didn’t publicize my blog as I wanted to write without the need to update constantly, without feeling oblige to please my readers. I guess people that  read my blog are my 2 friends that I recently told them about my website or people that long ago linked me to their blog. I used to tell people my blog address, but when I enlisted; I stopped writing frequently, readership dropped. There are days, not even a single person visits my site.

Anyway I hoped I can update as frequent as possible. I’m trying to improve my writing.

Yesterday was my last day in camp. I cleared my stuff from my cardboard. Drag my duffer bag with all my stuff back home. I hope I won’t be called back during my off and leave. I’m still left with 4 vehicles that haven’t been taken over. I tried to hand it in by this week but the technicians don’t seem to be motivated to do that.  Anyway I really appreciate Guo Han, Chris, Daniel, Anup, and Li Ning for trying to send in the vehicles today, even though they couldn’t.

I thought I will be emotional during my last day in camp but I wasn’t. Maybe it was a busy and tiring week. After bringing back my duffer bag home, I rushed down to JP to catch star trek with my army buddies. I was initially skeptical about the movie; It was due to the ugly costume, which seems so 60s. (The costume was indeed a 60s design. I did my research yesterday after the show. Star trek was first air during the 1960s.)It was a pretty good film.