My daily routine include checking my mail,facebook and blog.This morning after logging in my facebook account, I saw a tag: Mas Selamat is captured! I couldn’t believe what was written. I’ve long lost hope that Mas Selamat will ever be capture. After all he’s missing for so long, probably sneak out of the country by now. To confirm my doubt, I goggle Mas Selament and found these two articles.

Finally, our long lost search for Singapore most wanted terrorist has ended. I still vividly remember, I was a trainee in SISPEC when Mas Selament escaped.The nation was shocked yet we didn’t panic. Many of us including myself thought that Singapore is an efficient country. MS would be captured in days but nothing could be further from the truth than that. Months passed and nothing happened. 5 months later, I went to Taiwan. After 1 month of training, I was glad I could finally return home. On my way back, on the plane, I thought to myself: Will MS be captured by now? When I reached home, I was disappointed that he wasn’t. I lost hope. I lost hope that MS will ever be captured.

That’s why today, when I saw the tag, I was in disbelief. It was only after reading the 2 links and confirming it with my mum that I finally believe that MS was finally captured.


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