Readers!There are!

There are actually people  reading my blog! I didn’t publicize my blog as I wanted to write without the need to update constantly, without feeling oblige to please my readers. I guess people that  read my blog are my 2 friends that I recently told them about my website or people that long ago linked me to their blog. I used to tell people my blog address, but when I enlisted; I stopped writing frequently, readership dropped. There are days, not even a single person visits my site.

Anyway I hoped I can update as frequent as possible. I’m trying to improve my writing.

Yesterday was my last day in camp. I cleared my stuff from my cardboard. Drag my duffer bag with all my stuff back home. I hope I won’t be called back during my off and leave. I’m still left with 4 vehicles that haven’t been taken over. I tried to hand it in by this week but the technicians don’t seem to be motivated to do that.  Anyway I really appreciate Guo Han, Chris, Daniel, Anup, and Li Ning for trying to send in the vehicles today, even though they couldn’t.

I thought I will be emotional during my last day in camp but I wasn’t. Maybe it was a busy and tiring week. After bringing back my duffer bag home, I rushed down to JP to catch star trek with my army buddies. I was initially skeptical about the movie; It was due to the ugly costume, which seems so 60s. (The costume was indeed a 60s design. I did my research yesterday after the show. Star trek was first air during the 1960s.)It was a pretty good film.


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