Somethings to share.

These is some tips about life I chanced upon.What you guys think?

1.Do something you enjoy.

2.Deliver the result.

3. Codify the lesson learned.

4. Be patient and stick around with good people and things.

5. Build a team and share credit.

6. Be fun to work with.

7. Ask what you don’t know.

8. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

9.Never compromise your Integrity.



I’m at a coffee shop at Bukit Gombak now. I was early for my basic theory test .So I decided to find a place to study for my test. Thinking that MacDonald has already conquered the whole of Singapore by now. There must be a MacDonald even in this ulu town.So my quest for MacDonald started. After walking around the neighborhood for 10mins, I gave up. I saw this decent looking coffee shop and decided to stay. After I got a seat. I looked to my right. From the back door of the coffee shop, I saw a MAC sign. I was right after all.Haha.

The first week at work.

I got a job. The job I mentioned 2 post back. My office is located at Mount Sofia where Timbre was.I didn’t heard about timbre before.When I mention to people that I’m working at Mount Sofia. The immediate reaction was, “oh where timbre is ?”.  Yeah. My building is just beside Timbre.I guess I’m really not the cubing/pubbing type.

The first day at work felt like enlisting day.I was so nervous. The first day was pretty much like an introduction to the company. It’s a small studio. When I was in school, I  imaged myself working in a similar studio like this.My dream came true! Haha.

Is it true that once you broke up, you can’t be friend anymore. This seems to be the case for her.She deleted me from facebook. My guess was that she didn’t want me to view her profile. She didn’t want me to know any of her update in life. I guess it’s a good thing for me as I’m pretty distracted at times.I will still continue to view her profile unintentionally. I still can’t get over her.Even thought the feeling wasn’t as bad as the other time we broke up. she always special and can’t be replace for a very long time in my life.

I was talking to this girl and she commented that I look like I’m 18. That was a surprise revelation for me. This is the first time, people said that i’m younger than my actual age. Normally I looked my age. I was horrified. I had a meeting at MDA on Last Friday with  all the big shot from various company. I don’t want to potray that I was young and inexperience. I guess they are shock to see, what’s a young dude doing over there. Haha

2 years and I’ve completed my national Service.

I’ve officially completed my 2 years national service. I was totally turn off when my OC told us that we still need to go for the yearly reservist and Ippt.

Yes,I know, even before I enlisted that I need to go for reservist. But after 2 years of oil, grease,mud, weapon cleaning,waking up at 3am to prepare for outfield,drawing and mounting the heavy weapons or breaking tracks.I wouldn’t want to do it again. If I have a basic infantry section  to help me, I wouldn’t mind. But with only 1 men?

Yeah, I know that I sound disgruntled.If not for the free and easy type of culture my company has, my buddies that went through think and thick with me, I wouldn’t had survive the 2 years as easily.

Seriously I don’t know what to write.

Quite a few times I tried to blog but I really didn’t know what to write. Been doing nothing much. Anyway, tomorrow will be officially my last day in the army.Yeah!

Something interesting happened today.I went for a job interview and the person was an officer from the US army.Apparently he was more interested in my military background than my artistic background. We chatted, I guess it turn up to be pretty well? It’s a newly start up studio from US.They will be handling “special project” in Singapore.


I’m sure all of you heard before this phase, why give up the whole forest for a tree.Or why give up the oceans for a fish. But if the tree is her, if the fish is her, i would rather give up the entire forest, the entire ocean. Oh man, this sound so chessy.But it really speak of my heart now.