2 years and I’ve completed my national Service.

I’ve officially completed my 2 years national service. I was totally turn off when my OC told us that we still need to go for the yearly reservist and Ippt.

Yes,I know, even before I enlisted that I need to go for reservist. But after 2 years of oil, grease,mud, weapon cleaning,waking up at 3am to prepare for outfield,drawing and mounting the heavy weapons or breaking tracks.I wouldn’t want to do it again. If I have a basic infantry section  to help me, I wouldn’t mind. But with only 1 men?

Yeah, I know that I sound disgruntled.If not for the free and easy type of culture my company has, my buddies that went through think and thick with me, I wouldn’t had survive the 2 years as easily.

  1. TANG said:

    Woo congrats!!!!! HEE! Like FINALLY! And pls get a chatboard for ur blog la!!

  2. haha..I don’t think i need it la..You are my only supporter. You can always call me if you wana chat with me.

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