guitar 101

1. Practice what you can’t do, not what you can.

2. Never practice making a mistake.

3. Play perfectly slowly before you speed up.

4. Using a timer saves time.

5. Focus on one element of practice at a time.

6. Try and practice a little every day (not lots on one day).

7. Keep track of your practice (use a practice schedule).

8. If it sounds good it is good.

9. Playing and Practicing are very different, don’t confuse them.

10. The more you think, the more you stink (practice until it becomes instinct).


Now and Then

Have you ever wonder how is it like to work in the 80s or 90s, where there’s no Internet.

I did.

I first used the internet when I was  in primary 6. I liked this  girl from my class.
During graduation.
She gave me her email. I didn’t have one then.
I went on to register an account at Hotmail.
Sent her a mail.
Waited a few days but no reply.
After weeks of trying.
I gave up.

During secondary through Internet messenger, I got to know people from school.
Especially girls that I don’t dare to talk to.
I was pretty introvert. It made making friends so much easier.

Internet changes my life.
But not to the extend of my parents, where they lived practically half their life without the Internet.
Then BAM! Internet came.

I  asked my mum how was it like to work without the Internet.

She described to me that  in the 80s, was pretty much like world war 2.
People had to go to the post office to send telegram. (she didn’t say telegram but what she described sounded like one).
Then there’s typewriter and phone operator where people were hired to answer phone and passed it to whoever the phone were for.

Now my office didn’t even have a phone line.I communicate by email and skype.
And things are easy and efficient.
I even manged to liaise with the Vietnam studio without much difficulty.
But in the 80s, how long would it take to get a message across Singapore or countries?

I’m fortunate.

Concert at Esplanade

I was searching David Tao music video at youtube and I chanced upon this beauty local singer.She was having a mini concert at Esplanade last Friday. I was bored and needed some inspiration. So I headed to Esplanade.



Slow down and maybe things around you will be different?

After my run, I returned home. I waited at my void deck for the lift. Usually it only took seconds before the lifts comes but today I waited for more than 5 mins. The lift seems to be stuck. Maybe some inconsiderate guy is jamming the lift. As I’m waiting realize that my void deck gave me a very different feeling. It seems more void deck. Then I realize that for years,so efficient is my house lift that I never waited at the void deck. I realize that our pace of life is so fast that we fail to realize what’s around us. Our neighbors, a potential new friend, our surrounding,our home.

When I was young I stay at my grandma house. Her apartment is almost 30 years old and the lifts took years to come. But while waited for the lift, people started to chat.It seems like everyone knew each other.

Technology can vastly improve the pace of life but what it fails to do so, is to slow us down and look around. Like a 1980s computer documentary film I recently watch, said:”While it possible for computers to calculate the faster route. But it cannot calculate, by taking a longer route you might meet a new person or found a new scenery that make your  journey seems short.”

Strange Dream

I had a strange dream just now.In my dream, it started that I came out of a train towards the platform. I am having  parachuting class at the train platform. Not just a normal platform that is usually 3 stories high. But 100 stories high with big square holes in the middle.

We stand  around the hole, waiting for our turn. From the platform I saw 3 commando guys taking SOC (standard obstacles course). They did it in a Hollywood Kung Fu  style. It was impressive.  What did the training done to them? They look like ninja warriors.

Then fear struck  me. I started to get paranoid. What if I drop inside the hole? What if my parachute doesn’t open? Nooooooo….I don’t want to do it.

I woke up.

10 years!

I was on my way to work.I thought to myself, oh man time pass really fast. It’s the year 2009 already. It’s seems like yesterday I was in primary school. exactly 10 years ago, 1999 I was a primary 6 boy preparing to take my PSLE. Maybe I can look back and check out the milestone in my life the past 10 years.

1999- took my PSLE.

2000- Secondary 1, posted to Hua Yi secondary School. 1-05

2001-Secondary 2. It’s a fun year with many nice classmates but we don’t get in touch anymore.
Took part in Band SYF. Got Bronze.

2002-secondary 3. Did just well enough to qualify into science stream.
Had my first girlfriend. We broke up 3 months later.
Had my first Hand phone.Nokia 8250. lost it 3 months later. LOL
Went Church the first time during Christmas.

2003-secondary 4. Had my second girlfriend. we’re together for 3 1/2 years.Broke up for 6 months and get back together again  for 2 years.  (long story)
Band SYF. Sliver.
Took O level.

2004-Vacation job at Treehouse learning centre.(my mum childcare & I worked like a slave.) Waiter at Black Cayon Cafe.
Factory worker at Times Printer. Surveyor at Prudential.
Poly year 1.Did well enough to get in the course I want. Diploma in Multimedia technology. SP

2005-Poly year 1-2.part Time Job as a tuition teacher at my mum childcare.

2006-poly year 2-3. Did a 3D game for FYP. Character Lead. Broke up with my second girlfriend.

2007 -poly year 3.Internship at Sp corporate communication. Multimedia Designer.  Get back together with my second girlfriend.
-Data entry and Administrative at Singapore Cruise center.

2008- Training at Taiwan.
-Pass out as a 3 SG from SOA.
-Posted to MSU.
-Promoted to L-2SG
-Wallaby 2008. Australia.

2009- Ex Thunderwarrior. NZ
-Broke up again with my second girlfriend.
-Producer at Skyvu Pictures.