10 years!

I was on my way to work.I thought to myself, oh man time pass really fast. It’s the year 2009 already. It’s seems like yesterday I was in primary school. exactly 10 years ago, 1999 I was a primary 6 boy preparing to take my PSLE. Maybe I can look back and check out the milestone in my life the past 10 years.

1999- took my PSLE.

2000- Secondary 1, posted to Hua Yi secondary School. 1-05

2001-Secondary 2. It’s a fun year with many nice classmates but we don’t get in touch anymore.
Took part in Band SYF. Got Bronze.

2002-secondary 3. Did just well enough to qualify into science stream.
Had my first girlfriend. We broke up 3 months later.
Had my first Hand phone.Nokia 8250. lost it 3 months later. LOL
Went Church the first time during Christmas.

2003-secondary 4. Had my second girlfriend. we’re together for 3 1/2 years.Broke up for 6 months and get back together again  for 2 years.  (long story)
Band SYF. Sliver.
Took O level.

2004-Vacation job at Treehouse learning centre.(my mum childcare & I worked like a slave.) Waiter at Black Cayon Cafe.
Factory worker at Times Printer. Surveyor at Prudential.
Poly year 1.Did well enough to get in the course I want. Diploma in Multimedia technology. SP

2005-Poly year 1-2.part Time Job as a tuition teacher at my mum childcare.

2006-poly year 2-3. Did a 3D game for FYP. Character Lead. Broke up with my second girlfriend.

2007 -poly year 3.Internship at Sp corporate communication. Multimedia Designer.  Get back together with my second girlfriend.
-Data entry and Administrative at Singapore Cruise center.

2008- Training at Taiwan.
-Pass out as a 3 SG from SOA.
-Posted to MSU.
-Promoted to L-2SG
-Wallaby 2008. Australia.

2009- Ex Thunderwarrior. NZ
-Broke up again with my second girlfriend.
-Producer at Skyvu Pictures.


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