Slow down and maybe things around you will be different?

After my run, I returned home. I waited at my void deck for the lift. Usually it only took seconds before the lifts comes but today I waited for more than 5 mins. The lift seems to be stuck. Maybe some inconsiderate guy is jamming the lift. As I’m waiting realize that my void deck gave me a very different feeling. It seems more void deck. Then I realize that for years,so efficient is my house lift that I never waited at the void deck. I realize that our pace of life is so fast that we fail to realize what’s around us. Our neighbors, a potential new friend, our surrounding,our home.

When I was young I stay at my grandma house. Her apartment is almost 30 years old and the lifts took years to come. But while waited for the lift, people started to chat.It seems like everyone knew each other.

Technology can vastly improve the pace of life but what it fails to do so, is to slow us down and look around. Like a 1980s computer documentary film I recently watch, said:”While it possible for computers to calculate the faster route. But it cannot calculate, by taking a longer route you might meet a new person or found a new scenery that make your  journey seems short.”


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