Now and Then

Have you ever wonder how is it like to work in the 80s or 90s, where there’s no Internet.

I did.

I first used the internet when I was  in primary 6. I liked this  girl from my class.
During graduation.
She gave me her email. I didn’t have one then.
I went on to register an account at Hotmail.
Sent her a mail.
Waited a few days but no reply.
After weeks of trying.
I gave up.

During secondary through Internet messenger, I got to know people from school.
Especially girls that I don’t dare to talk to.
I was pretty introvert. It made making friends so much easier.

Internet changes my life.
But not to the extend of my parents, where they lived practically half their life without the Internet.
Then BAM! Internet came.

I  asked my mum how was it like to work without the Internet.

She described to me that  in the 80s, was pretty much like world war 2.
People had to go to the post office to send telegram. (she didn’t say telegram but what she described sounded like one).
Then there’s typewriter and phone operator where people were hired to answer phone and passed it to whoever the phone were for.

Now my office didn’t even have a phone line.I communicate by email and skype.
And things are easy and efficient.
I even manged to liaise with the Vietnam studio without much difficulty.
But in the 80s, how long would it take to get a message across Singapore or countries?

I’m fortunate.


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