Happy National Day!

Happy National Day!

I want to really thank all the volunteers that performed for this year NDP.
Although I have never participle in any NDP but I have friends that did.
They spent hours rehearsing and practicing hoping to come up with the best performances for the nation, for the people.
I stopped watching National Day parade since I was in secondary.
I always thought that they were meaningless.
I don’t understand nor appreciate the abstract performance.
But the songs and marching never fail to captivate me.

The last 2 national Days were a memorable one.
The first one.
I was a recruit. Even though I did have a day off but I was scheduled to book in at 8pm.
Living in the west, I needed to leave my house as early at 630pm. So i didn’t get to watch the parade.

Last year, on national day, I was having training outfield.
With my face cover with camouflage paint, I was putting up camouflage net for my vehicle when the F16 flew passes us.
We stopped what we are doing and looked up the sky.
It was an emotional affair knowing that it’s national day and you are doing a part for the nation, yet at the same time missing your love one.

This year, I was determined to watch the parade. Despite being invited by friends to hang out. I declined.
When you get to a certain age, you start to appreciate the little things around you.
Things that seem silly during my adolescent years began to feel meaningful again.

My favorite national day song. I remember when I was in primary 6, I sang this in school while seating beside this girl. I’m not sure why or how but we did have a special moment together. Nothing ever come out of it but I will never forget the feeling that I experience that particular day.


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