I was reading today’s Sunday Times and saw this article about, this year Miss Singapore being criticized for her poor command of English.
I felt sorry for her.

Like her and thousands of Singaporean.We learned Chinese and English in school.With the exception of several highly intelligent peoples, many find it hard to master both languages.

While it’s easier to learn several European languages as they comes from the same origin, Latin.It’s difficult mastering Chinese and English which come from very different origin.

Having to cope with 2 completely different languages at a young age causes confusion to the young mind.Not to mention that Singapore is a muti-racial society.Having to mix with different background and races, we will unintentionally come up with our own lingo.

While I think it’s necessary to improve on our spoken English and even Chinese. We should not be handicap by our inability to speak well.
For it’s better to step out in our imperfection than staying in our own comfort zone and never amount to anything in our life.I think life is  a journey. As long as we are progressing, even thought we might not be good today.We will be one day.


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