The stupidest thing I ever did in my life.

Yesterday, I did the stupidest thing in my life. Ever.

Ok, maybe not, there’s more actually.Let’s just call it the top 5 stupidest thing I have ever done.

I was on my way to my office yesterday and I saw a can on the floor.I’m not sure why, but a sudden urge compelled me to kick it. So without any second thought, I kicked it.I have kicked cans a thousand times but nothing prepared me for this.

The very moment I kicked the can my shoes flew together with the can.And it went over the wall of the nearby condominium.I was astonished.
After recovering from my shock, I limped over to the gates of the condominium.There was no one around.

My immediate thought was to climb over the wall but I did not want to be in the newspaper tomorrow just because of a shoe.
No choice, I pressed the intercoms.

“Hello, eeerrmmm, I got a situation. (In a very confident tone to hide my embarrassment.) I kicked a can and my shoe flew over you wall. Can I come in to get it back? ”

To my surprise without asking anything, he agreed.I thought I heard laughter but I couldn’t care much.


So I went searching for my shoe.

The condominium was not the normal kind of condominium that you see anywhere around. As it’s build on a hill slope. It has a unique structure. It’s like a maze. I even bashed through some plants to get my way around.

After looking around for 10mintues, I wanted to give up.Then I saw my shoe. As the condominium was built on a hill slope, I found my shoe 5 levels down from where I kicked the can. Luckily I didn’t climb over the wall.

Never kick a can. Ever.


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