After a run with my good friend, Sam, we decided to have supper at the nearby market. We started discussing about hawkers.

” It’s actually not bad to be a hawker. You can actually earn a lot. “ Sam said.

I agree on the part that you can earn a lot as a hawker. After all, it’s a business where you can determine how much you earn than working for a company where you draw only fix salary.

But on the part that it’s actually not bad, I disagreed. You have to work long hours and it’s a pretty one-man show business. You are not just the cook, but also the accountant, the dishwasher and the waiter. Ok maybe not all but in general.

“Will you rather work everyday except Chinese new year period where you got a 5 days break and earn eight thousand dollars every month or a 8am to 5pm computer scientist job where you get paid three thousand a month? ” I asked.

He hesitated and said that he might choose the hawker job. But of course I know he will never be a hawker. I’ve never heard him mention once, in the 6 years I know him that he cooked before. Not that I looked down on hawkers but it’s just not for anyone, especially the untalented cook like me.

I’m not really into the hawker business model but I’m not complaining. In fact I appreciate the existence of hawkers so that I can enjoy my favorite food at an affordable price, in a convenient place at odd hours.

So cheers to all the hawkers out there! Maybe one day we will have hawker’s day in recognition to our unsung heroes!

One day. When I’ve become the prime minster.


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