I’m not sure how many of you were excited about the recent F1 race held in Singapore but I’m certainly not. Watching cars going around the circuit for 62 rounds is akin to what many girls feel about soccer; What so fun about watching 22 footballers going after one ball?

I tried to watch it on TV but I got bored. By the first advertisement, I decided to return to my room. I went on to complain to friends about how boring F1 was and the anime initial D somehow seems 2million times more exciting. I wondered why there are so many F1 fans all over the world.

I don’t drive or rather I can’t. I’m still taking up lessons and maybe one day when I start driving regular I will be excited about the race.

This made me recalled my first driving lessons. I was skeptical about picking up driving, as it seems complicated. So during the first lesson, I felt it would turn out bad. But it turn out that it’s not as bad as what I thought. Before and I knew it, I was going around the streets and car parks. I started to get complacent.

“Aiya, no kick.” I thought to myself.

My complacency was short-lived when I glazed to the speedometer and realized that I was only driving at 10km/h.

But eeerrmm it seems so fast from inside.


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