M and M

McDonalds may not be selling the best burgers but they certainly have the best operating systems and processes.

What impresses me about McDonalds is their constant commitment to making changes to their business model and operating system that ensure them a healthy growth even during recession.

From what I observe the changes they have made in the past few years. I would say there are some good decisions made from the upper management.
Changes like:
1. 24 hours operating hours.
2.The way they serve customers. (Instead of serving the food immediately to customer, they took their order first and customers have to wait at the side for their food. This will allow faster process of payment, which will significantly reduce queuing time, which will encourage more passer-bys who wants to grab a quick bite to join in the queue. All this is of course make possible by technology.)
3.Straws, sauces, serviettes, etc. to be collect at a separate area from the counter. (Reduce time at the payment counter since the cashier doesn’t need to entertain random request for the above items.)
5. Special short period food items.

I think most of us including myself take for granted how effective McDonalds is in its operating system and process.

I was in Mos burger this afternoon. I ordered a cup of ice lemon tea and was irritated and surprised in how inefficient they were. Just getting me a cup of lemon tea took them 10 minutes.

Situations like, running out of cup covers and not knowing where the extras were, and taking forever to take the lemons out of the refrigerator. Apparently I am the first one to order lemon tea for the day and it was 3pm. They even had to remove the cling wrap from the lemon box.

Before ordering my stuff I was standing at one of the counters for a good 5 minutes without anyone serving me. I wasn’t sure whether the counter was open. There was no indication that it was closed so I presumed that it was open. When I realised that nobody was serving me, I changed to the next counter. They should at least put a sign to indicate whether is it open. It made me look like a fool. Waiting for 5 minutes without anyone serving me.

While I was ordering, a cashier came out of somewhere. I presumed that she went to the toilet. As the rest of the cashiers were busying filling drinks, she was confusing that which counter she should actually man.

This sends me a message that they don’t have a system for taking over and handling over of cash register. This might put the cashier in a very disadvantaged position if money is missing.

Anyway, I’m a very forgiving person. I will still continue to patronize mos burger. But I can tell you they are losing a lot of potential customers!

  1. TANG said:

    Mos Burger oso haf flies everywhere!!!! EWW!!!

  2. sengchong said:

    Haha.. It could be because you didnt bath for days. You are the cause of the files la. lol

  3. daniel said:

    handing over/taking over reminds me of vehs…so army

  4. sc said:

    well at least you can protect your backside. Army is good la..Teach you how to protect yourself.

  5. sc said:

    ahhh..It has been sometime since i got so many comments. sorry for the lack of chat box. wordpress dont allow me to put one. unless i paid for it. This works too.

  6. daniel said:

    lag? u mean LACK…..

  7. sc said:

    oh yeah. i mean lack.

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