Once Armour, always Armour.

I had dinner yesterday with my buddies from School of Armour. We had fun chatting about the good old days even thought we just ORD like 4 months ago. It’s actually quite nostalgic and memorable when thinking back the 5months we spent together.

As an Armour Specialist, I believe that our training set us to be very different from the rest of the vocation in the army. We have these special set of skills that I believe that will carry in us long after we are out of the army.

These are the things that set us apart.
1. Intellectual. As we move in a very fast pace, we are trained to think on our feet. Making fast yet good decision. Sensitive to what’s happening to our surrounding. Clam and compose when various situations arise and muti-tasking.(As vehicle commander we need to navigate and at the same time directing our driver and manning the weapon system.)
2.Teamwork. There are so many things that you need to do in Armour that you can never do it alone. The amount of inventories, weapons and vehicle maintenance will kill you. It doesn’t take us long before we realize that we need to work together as a team to rest early.
3.Logistic management. With the amount of inventories we have, you need certain level of logistic skill to manage your stuff. Losing things usually equal to having your pay deducted.
4.Planning.Huge amount of preparation is needed before moving out. Lack of planning will usually result in wasting of time and a drop in morale.

Yes, we may not be as fit as special force but we have these special set of skills that set us apart. I’m proud to be in Armour even though I hate my unit. Then again that’s another story.

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  1. daniel said:

    once armour always suffer… at least it’s considered a glorious vocation not as glorious of the elite redheads / blondes…but as brunettes we have pride too

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