Everyone starts of the same. Screw.

I’m not sure what kind of guys that girls are looking out for. Isn’t it in stability? Or one that you can have fun together? Or one that can communicate and share your problems when you are feeling down.

I’m a dream chaser and the last thing on my mind is to conform myself to climb up the corporate ladder, have a stable job, slot you life only to look forward to only your weekend.
Neither am I a fun person. I am downright boring. Things I enjoy are coming up with business ideas and models or reading a book while slipping a cup of tea at a quiet café.
Neither am I comfortable or effective in communicating my thoughts and feelings.

I’m screw. Am I not?

  1. daniel said:

    u don’t try u don’t know
    or u don’t know the girl well enough to know what she wants…..

  2. daniel said:

    vietnam bride liao la don think so much can pick n choose the 1 that suits u best!

  3. TANG said:

    *Nod head* I totally agree with your friend!

  4. daniel said:

    Hi TANG,

    the 1st post or the 2nd?

  5. of coz the first one la.. ……

  6. daniel said:

    be quiet tom

  7. TANG said:

    HAHAS, I agree with your second post Dan!! But of cos the first post do make sense too! Just tt Seng Chong needs to build on his courage! 😀

  8. TANG said:

    HAHAS! I agree with your first post Dan! But of cos your second post make sense too! Seng Chong just needs to build on his courage! 😀

    P.S. SC, you shld really get a tagboard!!

  9. TANG said:

    I love the second post!!!! HAHAHAHAS!

  10. daniel said:

    told u tom

  11. daniel said:

    tink u shld use blogspot…

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