Driving lessons blues

I booked my traffic police test last week after given approval by my driving instructor.

I felt a sense of accomplishment after I saw the confirmation on the screen.

It was an accomplishment. Consider that I was able to pick myself up when I felt really discourage when I missed my basic theory test once and failed twice.

It was an accomplishment. Consider that I paid everything myself.

I booked my basic theory test four times. Missed one as I thought I would be overseas at that particular date when I’m not. (I came back the day before the test. It was too late. I had already canceled my test.)

Failed two times. (Not trying to give excuse. After failing two times, I thought I studied the test in such a great detail that there’s no reason why I could fail. I came out with the conclusion the book I have was outdated. ) I passed the third time.

I didn’t study much for the final theory test. I took the test, thinking that I would fail. I did not. My morale went up and immediately I went on to register for my provisional driving license. I thought since the provisional driving licenses last only 6 months. I better start my practical lesson as soon as possible.

Not knowing where to get a private driving instructor. Afraid that I might start procrastinating if I don’t get this driving lesson started while I’m still enthusiastic about it. I went on to do a Google search to find myself a driving instructor.

It was a risky move but it turn out to be not too bad. At least his rates are affordable. He has faith in me. (I roam around the streets and car park in the first lesson. Maybe everyone does that but I just didn’t expect myself to start driving in the first lesson. ) He doesn’t deliberately slow down the pace of the lesson so that he’s able to earn more.

All I need to do now is do stay focus and hopefully pass the test in one attempt.


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