Where on earth did my readers came from?

This must be one of the greatest mystery of the week. The numbers of readers jump from 7 last week to 45 today. Hmmmmm…Maybe you guys want to drop a tag so that I know you are not some terrorists from Afghanistan?

  1. daniel said:

    maybe it was just a secret admirer camping at ur blog

  2. Christopher said:

    Its just me refreshing 40 times in this page

  3. sc said:

    My counter only track unique readers. No repeats.

  4. daniel said:

    i tink i contributed to some of it coz i use my desktop…laptop, phone, my mom’s laptop, com at school…com at library and com at lanshop…com at my friend’s hse..so i guess….i look like a stalker now huh

  5. sengchong said:

    Indeed you are. You know you don’t have to view the site every hour right?

  6. daniel said:

    i do it every 7 mintues

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