Marketing is one of the core areas of a business operation. Marketing simply means getting the news out. During the nomad era people simply marketed their product through word of mouth. Then came the invention of print papers when people were allowed to advertise through print advertisement.

But nothing has affected business more than the introduction of television. With the introduction of television, the attention of people is fully put upon the goggle box. This allows companies to subconsciously put the image of their products into the minds of the viewers.

During the weekly shopping because the viewer has seen the image of the certain product for countless of times, as the result of spending hours in front of theTV, she brought the product. The product might not necessary be the best but as long as it works to the requirement of the viewer, she wouldn’t bother about the little difference it has compare to the rival brand.

For a while, companies that had the resources seemed to have the answer to selling their products – Spending on advertising, which brought in higher revenue, which was then put into advertising and the process continued.

As a result, TV business became lucrative. Because it is lucrative, more TV stations are formed. Now instead of the 5 channels that people used to have, it ballooned to hundreds.

Users are spoiled for choices. Marketing becomes confusing and complicated once again.

To make things more complicated, the Internet became popular. Small or start up company no longer need to have the resources that big companies have to achieve the same result.

All of a sudden a new wave of marketing ideology came. Instead of being forced down the face of a certain idea of a product, people now have the say on what works and what don’t.

This is written purely based on the imagination of the writer without any research to base upon. The writer does not have any formal education in any aspect of marketing or business, therefore nothing should be taken too seriously. Any ideas that are debatable can and should be debated.

  1. daniel said:

    ur blog very happening now…i cannot catch up

  2. seng said:

    is that sarcasm?

  3. daniel said:

    no…suddenly u update alot

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