Sorry guys for not updating. I have been busy for the whole of this week. Still I tried to write something but end up with something intellectual that I myself find it boring.

Life is pretty much the same. Everyday becomes a routine.

Life is not always fill with excitement. There will be boring or routine days. The day I came to realize this, I started to learn how to enjoy a moment like this.  I think everyone; especially guys expect an adrenaline rush everyday of our life.

It could be because in the past, we used to be hunters. The adrenaline kicks in to help us to be effective in hunting. Nowadays most of us don’t hunt. Instead we become subjects of corporation. Nothing bad, except that work might become predictable.

Why not slow down and take a breath? Before life decide to kicks off and gives you a twisty turning ride.

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  1. daniel said:

    i tink u miss sathe to spice up ur life

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