I love jackets and coats. By just wearing  it over a t shirt, it makes you stand out. I will love to own more jackets or coats. The issue is, Singapore weather is just so hot and humid. You can wear them at air conditional places but once you are out on the street, you will melt with it.

I was at Topman last Friday and I saw this jacket that looked really nice. After fitting it on, a thought came to my mind. Where can I actually wear this?My office? Shopping centre? Church? Not a lot of places! You will have to take it off when you are on the streets, which is really troublesome.

It will be really great if the  weather continues to be around 26-27 degrees. I will be able to wear the different jackets and coats on the street.


5 thoughts on “Jackets,coats

  1. where got joke…
    good and cheap,ur fans will say it’s a good deal…and i tink it’s come on? common means belonging equally to, or shared alike by, two or more or all in question: common property; common interests.

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