Thailand 2009


Heart to heart talk.

I had a heart to heart talk with my ex girlfriend. It’s the first time that we talk after 10 months we broke. It’s kinda refreshing when you realize the amount of things you can take in without the presence of emotion. There’s no way, we will be back together again. She is happily attach. I don’t long for her anymore.

I initiate the chat as there as I really curious what she all along in her mind during the years we were together.  As much as we tried to, we were never 100% trustful about our feelings or thoughts. We were young and naturally made wrong decision at times or crippled by emotions that build a wall in our relationship. I’m glad that we are able to talk again, not because of the thought of getting together but the opportunity that I can get to learn from my past mistake. And hopefully do better in my next relationship.


Many people asked me how was my trip to Phuket. So I thought you guys might be interested to know too. It was very tiring. It was a budget trip so everything was done in a budget way. My flight from Singapore was 830am. It doesn’t make sense to drive up my dad’s car only to allow Changi Airport leech our hard earn money by parking the car there for 4 days. With a family of 6, we can’t squeeze in to a cab. Not wanting to hire two cab. My family woke up at 4am to get ready. We work nearly 2km from our house to the nearest MRT to catch the first train as we thought that the bus service doesn’t start that early. We were wrong as we found out that a couple of bus passed us when we were on our way.

We managed to reach the airport on time. And had breakfast at Burger King before flying off at with our budget plane. Jetstar! Endorse by Joanne Peh!  It was an hour and 45 minutes. Arrived in Phuket and took the free shuttle bus provided by the hotel. When we arrived, we will pleasingly greeting by the people over there.

Checked In and went up to check our room. It was heavenly. There are a total of 2 bedrooms, 2 toilets, a living room, a kitchen and laundry room. You can stay there for months.

So you must be asking under such condition what is so tiring. The issue is my hotel is located on top of the island of phuket and the town is below. Which is around 80 km apart. To travel around we need to spend 40mintues. And to add to the problem, there are 6 person in my family and we need to book a van whenever we traveled. too troublesome. Too much traveling.Okie, I’m lazy to write a full detail trip. so I will just end here.

3 more days to 2010!

What New Year actually means? When I was in primary or secondary school, a new year signify the start of a new school year. New class, new classmates, new teachers and new books. I would get nervous the day before a school start. Thinking how’s my classmates and teachers going to be like? Who’s going to sit around me? And excitement usually follow after that.

That was this particular year that I was especially nervous. It was during my first day in secondary 3. As the first batch of my secondary school, we were privilege to be the first wearing long pants. I was pretty self conscience of how I looked the first time in long pants. I was afraid that I might look stupid. So I met up with a few friends before entering the school, just to ensure that I looked alright. To make things even more fun, I got paranoid about whether I’m at the right stream anot. I was in science stream which is suppose to be the better one as compared to the arts. (It’s just a general perceptional that most have even though it’s not true at all!) With my grades I would never be able to make it there if not for the fact that I just passed all my arts subjects and scored well only in my maths and science.

Thinking in my mind, on the way to school.
“What if I heard wrongly that I am in a different stream on the last day of secondary 2? I have already brought my textbook. Sharks! My mum is going to kill me if she find out that I get mix up with my posting. What about the hand phone she got for me as a reward to get into science stream? I’m going to lose it. NOooooo….. “.

My fears went away the moment my new form teacher read up my name from her list. Immediately I felt a sense of relieved.

All this is in the past. Whenever I think back it’s actually fun to start a new year like this. Now as working adult, things become more predictable, or little things like the excitement from the thought of knowing or meeting new friends or classmates doesn’t excite me anymore.

I was the innocent boy that seems to be willingly to befriend any one that passes through my life, has gone. Why is it so? Why have I become so selective to who become my friend? Is it because of being hurt or disappointed too many times by people, I called friends? Or has the society taught me to be wise up and not be native in trusting people so easily? I don’t know. But what I know is the longing I have to feel the excitement of knowing new people that once as a innocent boy I used to had, back in my heart.

Mount Emily

You guys should check out Mount Emily! It’s a nice place to chill out at. The Colonial building with candles as ambient light just set the location a perfect place to date or even chill out with your friends. Ironically it was introduce to me by my Swiss developer who also brought me to little India for lunch the very same day, instead of the other way round. He will be leaving for Switzerland for good which explains the reason why we were there at Mount Emily. It was a gathering for all his friends and colleagues which consist of mostly expats. Surprising I don’t find discomfort hanging out with them. Maybe it could be due to the wine which I drank.


When I was younger, my family would occasionally traveled oversea for holiday. In trips like this,It’s an opportunity to get new toys! My mum had an unspoken law when it comes to buying of toy. I can only get one.

So the frustrating part came, Should I get this toy now? What if a better toy comes along? Or if I didn’t buy the toy now, what if a better one never comes?

Now of course we still go for holiday trips, with exception that I have the ability to get whatever I want myself. But the same frustration still comes every now and then in life. Just not in the same context.