Holiday season is going to make me real fat.

Christmas and New Year is coming! I’m started to have all the meet up and parties packing up my schedule. To add to the fun, I’m going to Phuket next week! With all this activities, how am I going to find time to shed off the extra one or two kilograms that I might put on with all the delicious food I’m going to consume? Oh no, I think I better bring my running shoes to Phuket.

On a side note, I’m trying to organize a get together for my army buddies on New Year eve. My boss suggested to me this idea which I thought is pretty interesting. A white elephant gift exchange! So what happen is all of us will get a stupid and useless gift and exchange it. It will be more of a laughing session seeing what kind of stupid gifts each of us bring than a sincere gift exchange. It will be fun! Also I will make use of the opportunity I had from traveling to bring back some duty free wine!

So army buddies, you know who you are, confirm with me your attendance!

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  1. daniel said:

    no office no talk…btw who else other than me(army personnel) visits ur blog?

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