Mount Emily

You guys should check out Mount Emily! It’s a nice place to chill out at. The Colonial building with candles as ambient light just set the location a perfect place to date or even chill out with your friends. Ironically it was introduce to me by my Swiss developer who also brought me to little India for lunch the very same day, instead of the other way round. He will be leaving for Switzerland for good which explains the reason why we were there at Mount Emily. It was a gathering for all his friends and colleagues which consist of mostly expats. Surprising I don’t find discomfort hanging out with them. Maybe it could be due to the wine which I drank.

  1. daniel said:

    hi! a friend intro-ed me this read, just to intro it to u too!

  2. sengchong said:

    okie! You got the book? Can lent me maybe?

  3. daniel said:

    no i don’t…sorry man…

  4. sengchong said:

    I knew it! Maybe I can get it for you for you birthday. New year how? MSN tonight?

  5. daniel said:

    u noticed all these places like to be named after female names…mount emily, objective amy, jane axis….

  6. sengchong said:

    What you mean all these places? There are places named after guys too. En tong Seng , Raffles, Seah Seng Chong. HaHa! Just Kidding for the last one!

  7. sengchong said:

    Anyway, i got the book liao! pass you the next time we meet!

  8. daniel said:

    u ish efficient…u can read it if u want…i don’t mind

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