Heart to heart talk.

I had a heart to heart talk with my ex girlfriend. It’s the first time that we talk after 10 months we broke. It’s kinda refreshing when you realize the amount of things you can take in without the presence of emotion. There’s no way, we will be back together again. She is happily attach. I don’t long for her anymore.

I initiate the chat as there as I really curious what she all along in her mind during the years we were together.  As much as we tried to, we were never 100% trustful about our feelings or thoughts. We were young and naturally made wrong decision at times or crippled by emotions that build a wall in our relationship. I’m glad that we are able to talk again, not because of the thought of getting together but the opportunity that I can get to learn from my past mistake. And hopefully do better in my next relationship.

  1. daniel said:

    i go for a chalet for less than 24 hrs….happening huh but glad it was a positive experience

  2. sengchong said:

    of coz, my life is so juicy arh. Can be a celebrity liao.

  3. daniel said:

    u go write a book lor…den aft that some1 make a movie out of it

  4. daniel said:

    den the director asks u “which actor would u like to potray u in the movie?”

    who would u choose?

  5. sengchong said:

    I kinda like John Cho even though he is an American Korean.

  6. daniel said:

    so u prefer an sg actor huh

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