One of my most loyal reader,Daniel asked me to blog. Complaining that it has been a while since I write anything on my blog and cobwebs has already start to grow.

It’s already February! This Sunday is going to be Chinese New Year, not to mention Valentine Day. Looking back  last year, I left on the third day of Chinese New Year for my training in New Zealand and came back the day before Valentine Day. How interesting! And this year we have both occasions in one day.

Unfortunately or maybe I should say fortunately that I’m single so there’s no need for me to go frantic over what should I do or deciding which event should I go to. The good thing about this year is that I don’t need to go emo over not having a date while walking down the street seeing couples lovely dovely to one another. I will be celebrating Chinese New Year. Visiting my relative. ( I dread that though.)

I think I didn’t mention that I went to Vietnam over the last week end. It was a last minute trip.One of the most impromptu oversea trip I ever made. I will upload the photos when I find time. It’s a fun place! Nice people. Good food and drinks.  Crazy traffic. I drank so much coffee over the four days I’m over there. I love Vietnamese coffee!

I have met some of the nicest people. Duyen (not sure how to spell) is the girlfriend of our Vietnamese studio manager. She is very caring and thoughtful. There was once all of us went for breakfast. As the place is cater more for the local, it’s a bit  dirty with food on the floor  and it’s not very well furnish. Duyen used a tissue paper and wiped the utensils and cups for all of us. Around 5 person, plus her 6. Then poured the tea at the cup and serving us. I was humble by her willingness to serve us. My boss was chewing a gum which was offered by her earlier. When the food came, taking initiative she offered a paper for him to spill it out. How thoughtful right? And don’t be mistaken, Duyen is not some village girl, that doesn’t know anything about the world. She is a University graduate and works as a designer. She’s pretty well to do and modern looking. She speak pretty good English. (According to Vietnamese Standard) And is not afraid to talk to me despite not proficient in English as she is in Viet. The feeling is refreshing as I’m always the one that is always trying to find out what is in other people life and now I met someone that is so enthusiastic about what I’m doing. I know! I sound like I in love with her. But I’m not. Furthermore she is attached to my studio manager! I just find people or girls in particular that is willing to serve, not because of benefit but because of his or her character. Very sweet.

She is one person that truly make my day.  Just hanging out with her brighten up my day.

My post is pretty random and I don’t know how should I end this. So until the next post. Happy Chinese New Year and Valentine Day!

  1. daniel said:

    on feb 13th we landed from auckland to sg…on that day i shall make a route like that in my airline manager game to commerate the day

  2. Seng said:

    I miss nz and the times we spend together.

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