After my run, I lie down at the parade square of my neighborhood park and started admiring the limited stars of Singapore bright skyline. I felt a moment of peacefulness and started remembering about the night I was in New Zealand doing my navigation exercise a year ago.

I was surrounded with darkness. It was so dark that I can’t even see my own hands. But it’s because of this very reason, I saw the most beautiful sky in my whole life. The sky was filled with stars that is beyond my imagination. It’s like sands on the playground pit. I can’t even recognized any constellation. I was overwhelmed by it.

It was at this moment that I learned one of the greatest lesson in my life.

Even though the sky was beautiful, deep in my heart I felt empty. I asked myself what was the point of seeing the nicest sky  yet without my love one around. I had a revelation. It’s who and not where and what that is important. It’s not the most beautiful place on earth, or the biggest house or the  fastest car that will make one happy. But who you shared these things with that matter.

It’s not possession that brings you happiness but relationship. Yes, possession can enhance a relationship but it’s only the icing, not the main part of a dish.

  1. nice entry :)))

  2. sengchong said:

    Thanks! You found out about my blog too? Haha!

  3. ✿Irene said:

    Ya…im able to track ur footprints, haha

  4. daniel said:

    icings are on cakes…the correct analogy would be the dessert and the dish

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