Blogging from my blackberry.

I finally stop procrastinate and get my blackberry plan activated. I’m blogging from my blackberry now. Pretty cool since my mind ponder the most when I’m traveling.

I’m on the bus back home from my Amanda’s grandma wake.

Recently I have been thinking of this theory that I heard before from someone but not sure who.

Everyone that is around your life is either a plus or minus energy carrier. Let’s say if you hang out with a person that is a plus energy in your life, you will energize end of the day even though u maybe doing tiring stuff.

But for a minus energy person, you will feel worn out and tired even though you may be doing something that is fun.

So in life we must always notice people around, whether are they a plus or a minus. We shouldn’t be hanging out too often with the minus. Of course, sometimes it’s necessary. Just don’t do it too often.

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  1. daniel said:

    u gonna put ur sim card into ur iphone?

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