Romantic techie

Last month was officially my one-year being single. And it was such an interesting journey of my life. It was difficult initially but since the start of this year I think I got the hang of it and started to enjoy single life once again.

Many of my friends tried to match make me. Of course I appreciate their kind gesture but I felt that it’s not time for me to be attach yet. I have a couple of stuff I want to achieve and don’t want to be distracted.

Why can’t you chew gum and walk at the same time. I hate this analogy. Comparing chew gum or walking to dating is naïve. It’s more like juggling balls while riding on a unicycle.

Don’t be mistaken I love the excitement, chemistring roller coaster feeling that comes along with it but dating is not just that. And I realise that I can make do with that for now.

So friends! Do not tempt me please!

  1. daniel said:

    wise thoughts young one, trust in the force u must.

    • sengchong said:

      U think u are some guru in some starwar movie arh? Lol

  2. daniel said:

    lol yes…ahahahah 🙂

  3. shannen said:

    hahahahaha ah seng, okok. no temptation. thumbs up for singlehood!!

    • sengchong said:

      Someone will be very sad if he see this le. 😛

  4. shannen said:

    hoi hoi. no manners ah you.

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