Some secrets to share.

I don’t update regularly doesn’t mean that I don’t write regularly. In fact most of my writings end up in my computer’s essay folder or other random blogs that I have. You never know what you can achieve when you got into the inspiration mode. I look through some of the stuff that I wrote and was surprise that I actually pen it.

This was written late last year. I find it quite interesting. Some tips that you might find it useful.

Lessons I have Learn since working as a producer at SkyVu pictures.

1.Building systems and process.
A good businessman is one that is able to build a business system where things are run in a efficient manner. Take for example: McDonalds. There are probably thousands of people that can make better burgers than McDonalds but it is their system that make their business into a money making machine.

Conclusion: Use talent. Build a system that will utilise them. Like what Richard Branson Said: You don’t need to know how to fly a plane or blots and nuts to be able to operate a airplane business.

2.Every journey start with a baby step.
People said that a journey start with a step but this is only half true. Sometimes we take a far to big step and end up in failure. Take one baby step at a time and before you know it you walk far enough.

3.Malcome Gadwell. Success = 10,000 * Luck.
Because we can only have limited hours in our lifetime. There’s limit to actually what we can be successful. The beautiful part is if your 10,000 hours is in communication you can leverage it to build on other people strength and build an empire for yourself.

4. Project management.
Break up big task into small task that is being completed in a week. People usually only keep 2 weeks of work in mind. By breaking into smaller task they can see what they are achieving and more prone to complete in time.

Never ignore a deadline or your guys will think that it’s not important. When failure to meet deadline, immediately create new one.

Use a shorter deadline that you need. This will effectively increase proficiently and time to make adjustment. Some people argue that  this will decrease the quality of the work but keep in mind that a work without quality is not consider complete.

5.The feeling of winning.
We are all motivated by the feeling of winning. But when things get too advance and complicated we usually don’t get the feeling as much as when we started off.  What we need do is simply just go back to doing the basic things and get back the winning feeling.

6. Pre sold.
Before we are can make someone buy a thing, they have to be pre sold.

7. Overcoming Laziness and Procrastination.
When you are feeling lazy and unmotivated. Do not switch to slack mode straight away. Try doing the simpler things. It will be good to have a to do list. So that at the end of the day, you know that you have accomplish something. Whether the priority job is done.


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