A beautiful day

A stop by a beautiful cafe.
A cup of nice and warm cappuccino.
A friendly Waitress that stop by to say hi.
A book that captivate your soul.
A beautiful day.


Playing different roles in life

It’s a miracle that you people are still coming here. Sorry for the lack of updates and the crappy content. I know, I know! This is like the 2764934792 times I had apologized for my lack of update and crappy content.

I learned a new principle today. We play different kind of roles in life. A husband, a dad, a friend, a military commander, an employee or maybe a son. To excel in all this roles, you require a different personality. For example, as a military commander, to excel you need to have a strict and maybe fierce personality. Yet at the same time, you can’t employ the same personality as a father. Your son will probably grow up without feeling love.

I’m an introvert. I carried this personality everywhere I go, in every role that I played. Some role I excel as an introvert but some that I don’t. To be a leader, I can’t excel by being an introvert. I need to step out of my comfort zone, do something that is unnatural, to be effective. I know that there are people that are not willingly to change their personality but I know I need and I will.


Emotion is a pretty funny thing.
You can’t control them.
You can’t allow them to control you.
People succeed because of them.
People fell because of them.
You know they are there.
But when you grab them.
They just slip through your hands.

Seng Chong 2010

Hot hot hot!

The weather nowadays gets hotter and unbearable. I miss raining days. I’m a person that gets easily affect by the weather. Okie, not that I will flare up but rather my motivation to work is relative to the humidity and the temperature. I know that there’s invention called the air-con, which by the way I don’t own one at home. My mum believes in energy and cost saving. My siblings and I were taught from young to save energy. We are a pretty green family I guess.

I have been getting strange dreams recently. Maybe it’s because of the weather. One particular dream, I dreamt that I was a cop. I was accused of committing a crime that I did not. I became a wanted criminal. In order to find evidences for my innocence, I ran away from the cops. I ended up running from one place to another throughout my entire dream. I got so tired that I told myself that I need to wake up! Somehow I knew that I was dreaming. I woke up tired, as if I ran a marathon.

I miss holiday. I miss New Zealand and Taiwan. I miss the cool weather. Actually I think Singapore is still the best place on earth. If only the weather is 10 degrees lower! We have the best food. Public transport is pretty good. Shopping malls are world class. And the integrated resort just opened. By the way, I have never been to Singapore flyers yet. My logic is that I should wait for marina bay sands to be finish. If not I will be seeing stuff like construction works and cranes. Therefore, I’m keeping my virgin trip for someone special. Maybe I’m just not interested.

I know this is pretty much nonsense. You get one of these kinds of things from me every once in a while. But I love it. Do you?

Stay happy still k?

I’m the process of memory dump nowadays. Dumping tons and tons of information into my brain. I’m planning on some exciting things to work out on. Thus the dump.Let you guys know when the time is right. As for now, stay happy! =D