Hot hot hot!

The weather nowadays gets hotter and unbearable. I miss raining days. I’m a person that gets easily affect by the weather. Okie, not that I will flare up but rather my motivation to work is relative to the humidity and the temperature. I know that there’s invention called the air-con, which by the way I don’t own one at home. My mum believes in energy and cost saving. My siblings and I were taught from young to save energy. We are a pretty green family I guess.

I have been getting strange dreams recently. Maybe it’s because of the weather. One particular dream, I dreamt that I was a cop. I was accused of committing a crime that I did not. I became a wanted criminal. In order to find evidences for my innocence, I ran away from the cops. I ended up running from one place to another throughout my entire dream. I got so tired that I told myself that I need to wake up! Somehow I knew that I was dreaming. I woke up tired, as if I ran a marathon.

I miss holiday. I miss New Zealand and Taiwan. I miss the cool weather. Actually I think Singapore is still the best place on earth. If only the weather is 10 degrees lower! We have the best food. Public transport is pretty good. Shopping malls are world class. And the integrated resort just opened. By the way, I have never been to Singapore flyers yet. My logic is that I should wait for marina bay sands to be finish. If not I will be seeing stuff like construction works and cranes. Therefore, I’m keeping my virgin trip for someone special. Maybe I’m just not interested.

I know this is pretty much nonsense. You get one of these kinds of things from me every once in a while. But I love it. Do you?

  1. daniel said:

    i get ur point of keeping ur virgin flyer trip for some1 special but don’t u tink u will be viewed as a sua ku? (actually i’ve never rode on the flyer b4 therefore i find myself abit sua ku…)

  2. sengchong said:

    maybe we can give our virgin flyer trip to each other?

  3. daniel said:

    lol sure!

  4. i like such crappy posts (:

    • sengchong said:

      Thank you! Now that I have a supporter, I will be more motivate to write more crappy post. 🙂

  5. ✿Irene said:

    cool…write more 🙂

    • sengchong said:

      Ok! When I got inspiration I will! Jia you!

  6. daniel said:

    Hi tom, upon reading ur post i don’t fully on ur comment “Public transport is pretty good.”

  7. daniel said:

    *i don’t fully agree

  8. reb said:

    haha sg flyer is boring! u can save ur $ on that..

    • sengchong said:

      Haha! Depends on who u go with also right? But true la. I can imagine that.

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