Playing different roles in life

It’s a miracle that you people are still coming here. Sorry for the lack of updates and the crappy content. I know, I know! This is like the 2764934792 times I had apologized for my lack of update and crappy content.

I learned a new principle today. We play different kind of roles in life. A husband, a dad, a friend, a military commander, an employee or maybe a son. To excel in all this roles, you require a different personality. For example, as a military commander, to excel you need to have a strict and maybe fierce personality. Yet at the same time, you can’t employ the same personality as a father. Your son will probably grow up without feeling love.

I’m an introvert. I carried this personality everywhere I go, in every role that I played. Some role I excel as an introvert but some that I don’t. To be a leader, I can’t excel by being an introvert. I need to step out of my comfort zone, do something that is unnatural, to be effective. I know that there are people that are not willingly to change their personality but I know I need and I will.

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  1. Donn said:

    Ah Seng. 你行的!It may feel unnatural at first, but soon, being extrovert will become part of who you really are =) I have faith in you, the leader!

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