A beautiful day

A stop by a beautiful cafe.
A cup of nice and warm cappuccino.
A friendly Waitress that stop by to say hi.
A book that captivate your soul.
A beautiful day.

  1. daniel said:

    don’t forget ur triangle!

  2. sengchong said:

    Thanks!But I haven’t get it yet le. hmmm..

  3. daniel said:

    neither do i

  4. shannen said:

    you make me wanna wear my trench coat, chill at a nice cafe, enjoy the winter breeze, drinking hot chocolate, and reading my eclipse storybook at the same time.

    • sengchong said:

      Haha. somehow the word trench coat stood out the most among the rest of the words. You want to tell me you got a new trench coat right? Haha I understand and can feel your excitement about it la!

  5. shannen said:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. can you dont expose me -.- thanks

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