Monthly Archives: June 2010

I was waiting for my bus two days back and an interesting thought came to my mind. I started to think that life is like waiting for a bus. You waited and waited yet the bus that you want to board never seems to come. Out of frustration you boarded the next bus that came by. Only to realise that it brought you further than where you initially want to go. Similarly in life, it can be in relationship or in your career objective. What comes first does not necessary brings you to where you want to go. Know your goals and be patient. Even thought you may have wait for a long time but at least you know that you will be guarantee of reaching your destination eventually.


During my free days, I want to do nothing except watching Dvds. It just shut my mind and let me forget about the one million and one things on my to do list. Oh ya, I just did some decoration to my room. It looks pretty cool. I will try to take some photos and show you the next time.
Life is good still despite the challenges ahead. Hope, I realized that having hope is important in life. I have been through similar challenging times and situation in my life but what makes this time different is that there’s a sense of hope. And it makes a lot difference in how you approach challenges.
For those that is going through bad times. Hold on, bad times do go away and good times will come eventually.

I finally succumb to the temptation of eating junk food. I was working on my assignment and before that some programming projects. The pressure of the deadline was so overwhelming that I threw up my hands and decided that I need a break before I’m getting crazy. All of a sudden, potato chips came ringing in my mind. It has been a long while since I last ate potato chips. Having a body that has low metabolism doesn’t allow me to eat whatever I want to. So I went down to my neighborhood provision shop and get myself a calabee spicy potato chips. I devour it and felt great after that.

Nothing is impossible with calabee potato chips.

This year world cup is kinda crappy. First the two telecoms in Singapore decided to charge atrocious price for the screening of the world cup. Then comes the vuvuzela. During the first match I thought the sound was cause by some files roaming around the stadium. I never been to south africa before and has no idea how is it like.The first impression I had from the first match was that South Africa must be fill be hell lots of files. Then someone enlighten me that the sound is from vuvuzela.

Don’t get me wrong, I respect cultures and totally love South African. Well there’s nothing to hate since you don’t know anything. Maybe, except, of course, vuvuzela. The most uncreative instrument that one can ever have.

The problem with plans is that it will never be what you plan. Despite knowing that I still think it’s always good to have a general idea of where you are heading to. If not, it will be like a sprinting competition without a finishing line. Runners will start to run in all sort of directions. They can run as fun as they can but they can never win. Cause they simply can’t.

Taking control over my life now. I decide what I want to do and what I do not want to do. Being forever ambitious I always pack my schedule so tightly that it looks like sardines in a sardine can. Then problem! Along the way Ad Hoc stuffs will start to comes into my life. Which causes priorities issues. It will be easy to prioritize if you know what are your priorities.

But………..everything seems to be important.

My only solution now is to cut down on my sleeping and entertainment time.