World Cup 2010

This year world cup is kinda crappy. First the two telecoms in Singapore decided to charge atrocious price for the screening of the world cup. Then comes the vuvuzela. During the first match I thought the sound was cause by some files roaming around the stadium. I never been to south africa before and has no idea how is it like.The first impression I had from the first match was that South Africa must be fill be hell lots of files. Then someone enlighten me that the sound is from vuvuzela.

Don’t get me wrong, I respect cultures and totally love South African. Well there’s nothing to hate since you don’t know anything. Maybe, except, of course, vuvuzela. The most uncreative instrument that one can ever have.


One thought on “World Cup 2010

  1. pricing wise and why they take so long to confirm the deal is not so easily decided by the telcos… ST spoil market coz they bid so high for EPL fifa gian the $ den liddat lor…football is serious business

    -more good years ahead

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