Junk Food

I finally succumb to the temptation of eating junk food. I was working on my assignment and before that some programming projects. The pressure of the deadline was so overwhelming that I threw up my hands and decided that I need a break before I’m getting crazy. All of a sudden, potato chips came ringing in my mind. It has been a long while since I last ate potato chips. Having a body that has low metabolism doesn’t allow me to eat whatever I want to. So I went down to my neighborhood provision shop and get myself a calabee spicy potato chips. I devour it and felt great after that.

Nothing is impossible with calabee potato chips.

  1. shannen said:

    i love the calbee spicy potato chips. the green package one right. its awwwwesome!

  2. sengchong said:

    yup yup! Very nice right! ^^

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