Bus Stop

I was waiting for my bus two days back and an interesting thought came to my mind. I started to think that life is like waiting for a bus. You waited and waited yet the bus that you want to board never seems to come. Out of frustration you boarded the next bus that came by. Only to realise that it brought you further than where you initially want to go. Similarly in life, it can be in relationship or in your career objective. What comes first does not necessary brings you to where you want to go. Know your goals and be patient. Even thought you may have wait for a long time but at least you know that you will be guarantee of reaching your destination eventually.

  1. shannen said:


  2. kaiyan said:

    Hmm.. there’s this phrase that i would like to share with you ” Stay committed to your decisions; but stay flexible in your approach.” you never know if there is actually another way in attaining your goals. we must perserve in the goals in life.. but at the same time.. flexible in achieveing it! šŸ™‚

    • sengchong said:

      Hey kai yan! Surprise to see you here commenting. Thanks for sharing with me. I find what you say very true! Indeed many times we give up our goals when it get hard. Thanks for dropping by and comment, this simple act really touches me!( At least I know people actually read what I wrote! Haha! :D)

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